Desert Fox Actual is the official apparel and gear company of Jet "DesertFox" Castillo —
Gear up in all the latest designs and prepare to outlast the OpFor!



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Wicked Wear Co. is the brainchild of Shawn Morrison, aka Wicked_559 the bearded Airsoft Viking, and Cody Saya, Designer and fellow airsofter. Wicked Wear Co. is what happens when two beards get together and let the creativity flow... Oh, who are we kidding, the boys just wanted cool f*cking shirts to wear and decided to make them for themselves, and thus a partnership was born.

Wicked Wear Co. apparel is created using an incredible drop ship company located in the heart of Los Angeles, California. With the production kept local we are able to have the apparel printed and shipped with a very short turnaround time and there is no need to weigh ourselves down with unnecessary stock. Shirts are printed just as soon as your order is processed and turnaround time is generally the very next day (roughly 2-business days) plus shipping time. All of this keeps the pricing competitive and the attention to detail very high — just the way we like it.



SMALL - Chest: 34-36" / Length: 28"
MEDIUM - Chest: 38-40" / Length: 29"
LARGE - Chest: 42-44" / Length: 30"
X-LARGE - Chest: 46-50" / Length: 31"
2XL - Chest: 50-52" / Length: 32"
3XL - Chest: 54-56" / Length: 33"


Shipping is also handled by the very same company responsible for printing our apparel. Keeping it all in the family gets this kick*ss apparel to your doorstep even faster so you can start dominating life that much quicker. For the time being Wicked Wear Co. will ship all US orders via USPS and 1st Class international Mail for all other countries. 

Shipping Costs:
US Orders: $4.50 for a single item with an additional $0.50 for each additional item.
International Orders: $9.75 for a single item with an additional $0.75 for each additional item.

Shipping Times:
US Orders: 4-7 business days via USPS
International Orders: 10-20 business days via 1st Class International Mail (depending upon the location)

To make things even better this same company also handles any returns so the process stays streamlined for your convenience.


When you live in California you simply have to pay more for the greatness you receive. We would love to spare our Cali customers the hassle, but unfortunately all orders delivered in California will include a 9.75% sales tax in compliance with State law.